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     The following is a partial list of upcoming Mizpah activities.  All events are subject to change.  Members should check the Allah-Bi to make sure that the activity is still scheduled as planned.  Others may contact the office.  


Date Event Location Time  
May 7 Mizpah Stated Meeting Mizpah 6:15 P.M.  
May 10 Kids Fishing Derby Simon's Pond 8:00 am-noon  
May 14-16 GLSA Co-Ho Derby Michigan City    
May 20-21 Indiana Grand Lodge Indianapolis    
May 22 Class Directors Golf  Garrett Country Club 11:00 am  
May 31 Mizpah Ball Ceruti's 6:00 pm  
June 4 Mizpah Stated Meeting Mizpah 6:15 P.M.  
June 18 Elkhart Golf      
June 19 Imperial Trip Meeting Mizpah 7:00 pm  
June 21 Band.Chanter Concert/Family Picnic Franke Park 2:30 pm  
June 23 Mizpah Golf Tippecanoe Country Club    
June 28 LaGrange Golf      
June 29-July 3 Imperial St. Louis